At Rozetree Botanicals, we believe health is the most important factor in determining quality of life. If you don’t feel good you can’t be your best in your work, your relationships or your play. What we put in and on our bodies plays a role in our overall health and well being.

 Rozetree Botanicals is for the woman who cares not only about how her skin looks  but also wants to be assured her skin care products are providing the nourishment her skin needs to be its healthiest.  She cares that a product is free from any ingredient that may be harmful to her, the planet or animals. The Rozetree Botanicals woman wants the highest quality plant based ingredients that will minimize the effects of aging, pollution and sun exposure.  She experiences satisfaction when caring for herself through exercise, eating well, taking time for herself and caring for her skin.  The Rozetree Botanicals woman understands the importance of quality of life.

 Rozetree Botanicals arose from the desire to find safe, gentle personal care products for those dealing with cancer and its side effects. What started as an attempt to help breast cancer patients led to a natural vegan skincare business.  We care about the health of your skin.

Meet our Founder:
Tenli Van Rozeboom

My adult life has been devoted to health and wellness. I have worked as a physical therapist, massage therapist and lymphedema therapist. As a lymphedema therapist I worked extensively with breast cancer patients.  Many of my patients had been instructed by their oncologist to refrain from using antiperspirants.  Most of these patients expressed frustration at not finding a suitable alternative. As a result, I began my own research to find an effective and safe alternative to antiperspirants. Through my research I learned a lot about  ingredients in all types of personal care products, not just antiperspirants.  

I realized that everyone, not just cancer patients, might benefit from being  more aware of what they put on their hair and skin. We are all subjected to harmful pollutants in our air, water and soil that affects our skin as well as the food we eat.  Our food often contains pesticides, preservatives and other ingredients that have no nutritional value and could be negatively affecting our wellness. Many skincare products are packed with ingredients that make them smell nice or feel nice but do nothing to help our skin be its healthiest. To some extent we have limited control over what we are exposed to; however we do have control over what we choose in our food and personal care products.

The more I researched, I realized it was possible to create skincare products with nourishing natural ingredients.  So I began experimenting and creating products for my personal use. I read books and took classes in aromatherapy, carrier oils and natural skin care formulation.  As I continued to learn and experiment, I realized that by using natural skincare we can feed our skin  many things it needs to be healthy such as fatty acids, vitamins, natural humectants and antioxidants. Natural vegan skincare is food for our skin. I started sharing my products with others who were excited to use more natural ingredients in their skincare products and soon the idea for a  skincare company began to grow.

Researching wellness has long been an interest of mine and for years I have incorporated wellness practices  in my own life as well as my therapy business. Wellness does not happen by accident.  It requires mindfulness and commitment. Rozetree Botanicals is an extension of my promotion of wellness . At Rozetree Botanicals we strive to provide natural vegan skincare products that are gentle and  provide nutrients your skin needs to be its healthiest while minimizing the effects of aging, sun exposure and pollution. Our products are food for your skin!

Be well my friends!